Sweet Almond Oil

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Amazing for your face, body, and hair! Eve Sweet Almond Oil is highly rich in nutrients & essential vitamins that help you maintain beautiful skin & strong hair.

What is so amazing about sweet almond oil & what makes it so good for your skin?

  •     Heals pigmentations, eczema, & breakouts: With skin-soothing properties, it is highly effective in enhancing your skin complexion & tone.
  •     Reduces & diminishes stretch marks: It softens your skin, making it easy for it to stretch without the occurrence of stretch marks.
  •     Reduces dark circles & under-eye puffiness: Eve Sweet Almond Oil's anti-inflammatory properties help your skin look brighter and feel fresher.
  •     Moisturizes your skin: It contains fatty acids that help retain body-moisture & takes care of dry, irritated, or flakey skin.
  •     Rejuvenates your skin: It boosts your skin rejuvenation with potassium and other nutrients to help you achieve an even skin tone & a healthy complexion.


Eve Sweet Almond Oil's light texture makes it easy to absorb and suitable for dry and sensitive skin too. It helps keep your skin supple and delays signs of aging.


How is almond oil great for your hair & how does it help you achieve that shiny, radiant-looking hair?

  •     Stimulates hair growth: Increases hair growth & helps you get that thick beautiful long hair because it's naturally rich in vitamin E.
  •     Prevents hair loss: The high vitamin D content keeps your scalp healthy & seizes hair loss.
  •     Promote blood & nutrient circulation: Being rich in antioxidants, it works to help increase blood circulation to achieve a healthy scalp and nourish your hair at the same time.
  •     Moisturizes your hair: The Vitamin E in Eve Sweet Almond Oil makes it a fantastic choice to moisturize your hair.
  •     Helps with split ends & dandruff: The essential nutrients in its rich formula help heal your hair & reduce split ends and dandruff.


Eve Sweet Almond Oil is a perfect choice for your skincare routine. It will be a start to a great relationship between you and your skin that you'll love & cherish!


How to use:


- On the face; use a few drops and massage gently in an upward direction. Dab lightly to the under-eye area. May be used during morning and night time skin care routines.

- Mix it with a face mask.
- Massage it on the body especially areas that are prone to stretch marks.
- Massage it on the scalp and leave it on for a few hours before showering.
- Use it all over the hair as an oil treatment on its own or mixed with a hair mask.
- Apply it on wet hair or dry hair before styling or before bedtime.