About Us

As an Argan tree blooms with white flowers in the spring of southern Morocco, it inspires us to pursue natural beauty. To reach out to all beautiful women of the world -and indeed they all are beautiful on the inside & outside- with most profound, natural oils & ingredients.

Originating from & inspired by the wonderful culture of southern Morocco and the natural beauty ingredients it grants us; ingredients traditionally used in Moroccan culture & went on to the rest of the world to be used by the most famous queens and princesses. We strive to provide every woman with the embracing care she deserves using only high-end ingredients taken from the heart of nature. So that she herself can wear a crown and take care of her skin like the queen she is.

Seeking to empower women by women's hands, we work with non-profit organizations in every field, from education to water supplies, and so on. The first step towards this project has been implemented through an organization that helps women from a disadvantaged background to work and provide a living for themselves as well as their children.

We believe that the key to a better generation, & ultimately a better future lies in the hands of a more knowledgeable and empowered woman, a generation with a sense of cooperation and love towards everyone, everywhere, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or gender.


Why the name “Masinisa”?

Masinisa was the first king of Numidia & the first to unite the African tribes. And we work in hopes that under our name “Masinisa of the 21st century”, all people in the world unite in sharing respect & love for one another.

Masinisa’s family hopes that every one of you lovely people joins us in our venture in every possible way and grows with us throughout the coming years.

With love, Masinisa.