Moroccan Loofah

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Moroccan Loofah

The moroccan loofah is one of the most effective cleansing tools for the body and soul.

Due to its patent results, it has become a very popular tool in the beauty industry worldwide.
It is typically used in a moroccan Hammam, which is the best way to fully experience its magic!

Uses and Benefits:
1. Exfoliation. It gets rid of the dead skin cells and underlying dirt to promote healthy, glowing skin.
2. Better blood circulation. Scrubbing with a moroccan loofah will increase circulation which further reduces water retention, and detoxifies your body.
3. Anti-aging. It improves skin elasticity which is key in anti-aging.
4. Reduces Acne. Deep cleansing your pores will reduce dirt and bacteria that may cause acne.
5. Relaxes your muscles.