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Lyla Pure Argan Oil & Jewel Prickly Pear Oil are what gives your skin the right ingredients it needs to keep looking healthy & lovely.

Known for its many skin benefits & it being one of the rarest oils to exist. It is called “nature’s liquid gold” because of the unique and wondrous work it does for your skin… Lyla Pure Argan Oil has many beneficial components that work to nourish, rejuvenate, & protect your skin…

Containing one of the highly crucial ingredients of any skincare routine, vitamin E, it works effectively to maintain a healthy skin texture, reduces under-eye black circles & strengthens your immune system.

It also contains many nourishing and beneficial elements such as phenols, carotenes, & fatty acids, helping prevent damage to your DNA from free radicals, and support healthy skin and eyes. They work to boost your immune system while providing a natural oil barrier, keeping your skin hydrated & ever-young.

Pure Argan Oil heals many skin imperfections; it fights acne & reduces scars, minimizes breakouts, and prevents wrinkles. In addition to hydrating your skin & boosting your skin elasticity, it helps your skin absorb other skincare products. Which makes it a basis for your skincare routine you can always rely on!

On the other hand, Jewel Prickly Pear Oil has a high vitamin E concentration. It helps enhance the Argan Oil performance regarding cleansing your skin while being easily absorbed by your skin to give you that lovely pure texture.

With its high linoleic acid & fatty acids concentration, it prevents clogged pores that could cause acne and blackheads and moisturizes the collagen in your skin while it tightens the pores... Give your skin better elasticity & keep it plump & hydrated with the most essential & magical face oils.

How to use:

  1. Use prickly pear as a skin serum twice daily. Apply it to the under-eye area also because it reduces dark circles.
  2. Use the argan oil as a makeup base. Use it as a regular moisturizer for everything; skin, hair, and body! Also, always mix it with your home-made masks. 


  • JEWEL: Prickly Pear Oil (15 ml)
  • LYLA: Argan Oil